Maintenance of Garden Decor


Sandpipers, Guinea Fowl and other Birds

  • When displaying this type of sculpture outdoors, it is advisable to secure it. Depending on the surface there are different options:
  • Grass - secure using a tent peg over the feet - if around a pond, be very careful not to pierce the pond liner and instead, place stones on the feet as a means to secure.
  • Decking - use small hook nails to secure the feet on wooden decking.

Bees, Butterflies and Wall Dragonflies

  • These can be secured by placing a nail into the wall fence and loop the nail through the ring found on one of the feet.


All the sculptures are created from reclaimed metal (mild steel and galvanised) and often already have a rustic patination that adds character to the product. In addition, they are dipped in clear gloss lacquer to provide an extra protective coating. To help maintain this finish you can periodically re-coat with a gloss exterior varnish or lacquer spray.  

Decorative Garden Stakes

These are designed to change colour over time. To help slow down this process, they can be sprayed with WD40 or a similar product 1-2 times a year or be put away in a dry place i.e. garden shed during the wet winter months.